Guidance of using elecronic recruitment system

Dear Applicant!

To apply for the first and second positions you need to have an account, Otherwise you can'nt apply in any position.

Note: It is only necessary to create an account once.

If you don't have any account, please read the guide carefully and accordingly create your own account.

Applicant Registration Guidance.

  1. First go to the signup page.
  2. Type your email.
  3. Type a new password Please don't forgot password.
  4. Re-type password for accuracy.
  5. In below click on register button.
  6. After few minutes you will find a verifiction email link in your inbox.
  7. Open your email, according the guidance click on verfy button, to login in system please type your email and password.

After login to your account, please follow the below guideline.

  1. First upload photo profile and fill personal information form and then click on save button.
  2. After that fill the education information form.
    • In order to have more than one education you should click on education tab (create education button) and fill the education form many times.
  3. In third section fill work experience form.
    • In order to have more than one experience you should click on work experience tab and fill the work experience form many times.
  4. After that, you should fill language form.
  5. after that, you should add three references synchronously.
  6. In final part you should upload required attachments respectively and separately.
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After you have successfully create an account and fill all required forms for applying a position do the followings.

  • Go to the vacancies section.
  • Click on apply now link.
  • Search for vacancy you want to apply